As you trek through the journey of hiring the best food truck for your upcoming special event, you may have some questions you need answered. We’re here to help!

How long do you serve for?
Our pricing includes a service window of 2 hours.

How much time do you need to set up?
We typically need about 10-15 min to set up, so we arrive 30 min prior to the start of your service window. For example, if your service time is 5-7pm, we will arrive at 430pm.

How long does it take to serve everyone?
For parties of 100 or less, it’ll take us about 1 hour to serve everyone if they all show up at once. For parties of up to 200, it’ll take about 2 hours. For parties of 250+, we will include an additional service hour for free. Each customer should receive their food hot n’ fresh in about 1-2 min!

We are considering to come and taste your food, where/how can we find you?
If your ninja tastebuds are insisting you try our food for yourself first, you are totally welcome to stop by as a regular paying customer. Simply text 408.512.0686 and let us know some convenient days, times, and locations for you and we’ll do our best to send you some nearby spots.

Rest assured it’s not only in our best interest to impress YOU, but also your valued guests, families, and friends so they may use us for their future events! We have had wedding couples book us without even trying the food 🙂

Do you supply plates, utensils, and napkins?
Yes! We supply brown compostable paper plates, black plastic forks, and certainly #napkins.

Can we change our headcount before the event?
You have up until 2 weeks before your event to adjust your headcount, either higher or lower. Pricing will adjust accordingly. You may not decrease your headcount less than 2 weeks due to prior staff scheduling and food purchase preparations. Any additional servings we are happy to welcome your guests back for seconds and/or pack the remaining food to go. We are most likely able to accommodate headcount increases no later than 2 days before your event.

How do we secure our date with you guys??
This is perhaps the one thing that is most out of our control in the whole food truck process. As we receive catering inquiries on a daily basis, we are ultimately booked by whoever is ready to pay their half deposit first. This means even if you had inquired before another customer but they are ready to move forward all of a sudden, we have to go with them.

We will do our best to inform you if we receive another inquiry for your requested date, but it is admittedly difficult. If you guys are ecstatic and ready to lock in your date with us, we require half payment upfront and the rest is due upon completion of service. We accept cash, check, credit card (addt’l 3% fee), or direct deposit.

It’s our goal to do the hard work for you guys and impress your guests so you look like a rockstar!